A Sustainable Spring Ahead! Pitupi Updates for the Weeks to Come…

The sun is shining, flowers are blooming everywhere you look, and Pitupi teammates are buzzing with excitement. We’ve got spring fever just like the rest of you, but mostly we’re in good spirits because we’re finally inching closer to the full web shop opening. We have heard from so many wondering when they can put in their order or pre-order. The reasons for the delay are plenty, but mostly lie in the out-of-our-hands realm of bureacratic red tape. We can’t sell any items online before every „i“ is dotted and „t“ crossed, but we’ve also chosen to push opening day back just the slightest in order to improve the display of the prints and color combinations. In the meantime, the shop will be open for pre-orders in the coming days.

During our Indiegogo campaign, we received a ton of great feedback about the customization process for the garments. Some stated that it was rather confusing. We don’t want to leave anyone sitting in front of their computer in the web shop wondering, „how does this work…and how will the final product look?“ So Maria is currently in Albania overseeing the production of pieces that will be photographed and used to make the ordering process as smooth as can be. During her trip, she will also be working with our seamstresses on orders for two exciting events happening in Lund in just a few weeks‘ time: Fashion Revolution Day Lund, on April 23rd, and Lund’s Hållbarhetsfestivalen, taking place May 14th. If you’re ready to buy cheerful, organic garments for your little ones, as well as learn more about our transparent business model, then don’t miss these events! We’ve gone about customizing the organic shirts, dresses, bloomers, and other sustainable garments ourselves and I know you’re going to like the results.

We’ve also worked out the logistics of hosting home parties in and around the Skåne region and are excited to explore this platform with you all. Our first party was a success, with everyone enjoying themselves. Any customer who would like to host such an event is welcome to contact me at: stefanie(at)pitupi.de!

So there we have it, a little update on the opening of our shop. Opening both an e-commerce store and a fair trade production site to supply that store is a long journey, but one we’re happy you’ve been able to follow us on. I will inform you via Facebook and Instagram about the approaching opening dates for pre-orders and the web shop itself. We know that the final product will surely be worth the wait!