Albania in June

Oh how I enjoyed Albania in June! I could escape the rain and cool of Germany and be surrounded by the warm weather of the Balkans.

Our seamstresses Majlinda and Entela were and still are busy sewing our next bulk order destined to Sweden. I was really satisfied with the quality of the products and how the organisation of the workshop has improved in the past months. Cheers to the Pitupi Albania team!

P1000367Pitupi cuts

I finally also had the chance to meet Emiljan, who since recently joined the team to take care of logistics and workshop maintenance. Here is his portrait on our faces page.

At the end of June Stela went to participate in a regional conference by our donor Caritas which took place in Pristina in Kosovo. Photos on this one and some useful insights on social businesses in the region coming soon in a separate blog post.


Stay tuned for more info on what happens in Albania and be sure to visit our shop and purchase clothes made by Majlinda and Entela.