Back to school: reblog from Fashion Revolution

Interrupting our regularly scheduled social media programming to bring you this important message from the team over at #FashionRevolution. We noticed while browsing through Instagram today that @Fash_Rev had a really interesting and startling post worth sharing with our own audience. It’s back to school time for kids around the world, including in the UK, where a school uniform is standard for pupils, especially at the primary level. Fashion Revolution, which is both a formal committee and a global movement calling for more transparency in the fashion industry, recently asked Tesco to disclose who makes their clothes; a question to which Tesco formally responded in an extensive manner, even including photos of their garment workers. The same question was posed to ALDI by #Fash_Rev activists, however with slightly different results. Take a look at ALDI’s answer in the blog post below.

We are sharing this with you today to further underline the general lack of transparency in the fashion industry and to provide you with a better understanding of why we’ve modeled our own business in the manner that we have.

Happy reading!

Stef and the Pitupi team