Changes in the Web Shop at!

With each new year comes the opportunity to take a step back, evaluate the trip you’ve been on so far, and to adopt certain changes that will pave a smooth road going forward. The transition into 2017 has been a great one for our slow fashion brand, and we’re confident that the months ahead will be filled with plenty of memorable moments for our customers and our seamstresses. They will also be marked by some new changes, including the arrival of one or more new prints, as well as several new cuts.

One big change that we wanted to share with you concerns the customization option that has existed since we opened our web shop last year. The option has been very popular among customers, but it has also had its faults and we will therefore not offer it until further notice. The reasons for removing the customization option are many, but include primarily environmental concerns and logistical mishaps.

But don’t shed any tears just yet! Change is good. And in this case, it means we can focus even harder on delivering the high quality products that you’ve come to expect from our small brand. We will soon stock up the shop with all of the products that we sold out of over the busy Christmas season, and add more combinations to love. And as promised, offer new colors, prints, and cuts in the months to come–so be sure to stay tuned both here and on social media where we’ll fill you in on all of our Pitupi updates.

Because we pride ourselves on our transparent nature and our connection with our customers, we would love to hear from you about what you’d like to see from us this year. While you may not be able to design your own unique garment anymore, you can influence the way our collection looks by sharing with us your tips, comments, and requests. We’re aaaaall ears!

Until next time,

Stefanie, Pitupi co-founder