Come on in, we’re open! Pre-ordering your organic baby garment in the web shop.

What a great couple of weeks it has been! We at Pitupi are super proud to share once again that the web shop is open for pre-orders. I’ve had a lot of questions from moms, dads, and grandparents about what exactly that means, and why we haven’t opened the shop entirely yet. The good/great news is that it means you can now order your own customizable, organic garment from the shop, and we’ll get to work right away on producing it in Albania. The only step left to take before opening the shop entirely is to photograph our new prints and optimize the customization and check out processes. Until then, pre-orders can be paid for via bank transfer; however, after the shop is totally open, the payment options are plenty, including via card, paypal, and Swish.

In order to get the word out about the opening of the shop for pre-orders, we’ve been participating in some events around town, including Fashion Revolution Day at Trottoar, and Lund’s Hållbarhetsfestivalen at Mejeriet, both arranged by Synaps Lund. Customer feedback has been fantastic, and we’re really excited to hear the positive reactions people are having to our sustainable baby and kids clothing, as well as our social business model. I even had a mother share with me that just one day before the event at Mejeriet, her daughter had asked her „mom, who made all my clothes?“ We’re proud to be able to answer that question for curious kids, parents, grandparents, and others, thanks to our commitment to transparency in production.

Take a look at some of the photos from our events, as well as the garments our seamstresses produced for them. All unsold items are available for purchase, so be sure to check us out on Instagram for product info, or email me at stefanie[at] to see if we have an item you’re interested in stock in Lund. And if you’re ready to custom order your own piece, do so now by following the link on our homepage. #getyourshopon

Cheers and best wishes for the week ahead!