Customers, take the wheel!

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In discussing Pitupi with others, we’re often approached with questions regarding the uniqueness of our concept; what makes Pitupi stand out from the pack? The answer to these questions isn’t complex, nor does it run the risk of changing over time. We want to bring parents clothing that they will feel good about dressing their children in. We want them to know the face, the name, and the story of the woman who created their child’s garments. And we want them to feel like a part of the production process with us. That’s why we are always eager to share one of the most unique aspects of the company, our garment customisation option.

By allowing you, the customer, to customise a garment, we’re handing over the reins and letting you make the most important decisions about the look and style of an item, whether it be a baby body or kid’s trousers. Each Pitupi item will be customisable according to fit, design, color or print, and the addition or omission of details like pockets or piping/bordering.

Here is the breakdown of what you as a customer will be able to choose from:

  • All over print- 6 patterns that range in theme and scale
  • Striped print- 4 nicely contrasting stripe options
  • Cuff fabric/bordering- 4 unicolour varieties

We will also offer 4 to 6 unicolour samples that you can select from in order to give a shirt, pyjamas, or any other baby clothing item a solid all-over appearance in your favorite hue. We hope to be able to share all of these options in the coming weeks as we work hard to set up the online shop.

The benefits of the customisation option are many, but one that really stands out is the opportunity it gives you to make a product all your own. It also gives us an incredible opportunity to stick true to our commitment to sustainable production. Each children’s clothing item is made-to-order, meaning no excess fabric or product is wasted.

We hope you’re just as excited as we are about the option to customise your baby’s organic clothing in our web shop. Stay tuned here and on for more news on the shop and its upcoming grand opening!