Drawing Inspiration from a Social Business in the American Southwest

After three weeks in the US, I’ve returned to a cold yet cozy Sweden, refreshed and wiser. This is thanks in large part to the inspiring people I got to meet during my stay. One of these people is Alok Appadurai, who is the co-founder of Fed by Threads, a social business out of Tucson, Arizona. Fed by Threads gives $1.10 of every item sold to Feeding America, the US‘ largest domestic hunger-relief organization. That $1.10 provides 12 emergency meals to hungry Americans. Just how big is that population? Feeding America reports that around 48.1 million Americans live in food-insecure households.

It’s easy to see the impact that Fed by Threads and Appadurai are having in their local community and across the country, all-the-while providing customers with beautiful garments.

All of the items that are sold in Fed by Threads are made in the US by designers and brands who produce in ethical working conditions, using eco-conscious materials that are free from harmful dyes or heavy metals. We couldn’t help ourselves from buying some must-have pieces like a baby garment for a new family member and t-shirt I vow to wear proudly around Lund.

When asked about his advice for a business like ours, which will also operate in the sustainable fashion market, he said so honestly, „just be real“. As simple as that. They’re certainly words we’ll carry with us when communicating our model and message to each of you in the days, weeks, and years to come.

As if the store’s clothing and accessories weren’t inspiring enough, we were intrigued even further when we found out that the business‘ co-founder, photographer Jade Beall, was also responsible for the „A Beautiful Body Project„, which went viral in numerous countries, and led to the book and website „The Bodies of Mothers„.

Take a look at our photos from the visit, check out Alok’s Ted Talk on emotional consumption, or just drop a line or two here here to learn more about social businesses and how they’re shaking up the fashion industry (*without compromising good looks or great quality!).

‚Till next time,