Exploring the Slow Fashion Scene for Kids in Berlin

Late summer greetings from Lund!

We recently wrapped up a trip to Berlin, where Pitupi Sweden and Pitupi Germany met to check out the slow fashion scene in Germany’s capital. I never tire of this city, and had no doubts that it would have a lot to offer in the way of cool yet fairly made clothing for children and babies. We covered a fair portion of the city, checking out shops and taking in the unique culture each district has to offer.

We received great feedback on the garments that we brought with us, from retailers scattered throughout the city. A favorite for many was the babygrow; our reversible romper made from 100% GOTS-certified, organic cotton. Some were particular to the Puffed Sleeve dress, some preferred the Tulip, and all enjoyed our brand’s commitment to social and environmental sustainability. We’re currently following up with interested parties, and we hope that we will soon be able to welcome our Berlin-based customers to check us out in local stores.

We also met with a consultant from the EU to discuss various opportunities that the European Commission has to offer social businesses like ours. The setting for this meeting was in a hip, co-working space that reflects the city’s startup scene, and we were really happy with the consultation provided to us during the meeting.

The final stop on our trip took us to a chic store called Standard: Saubere Sachen, which, in addition to carrying beautiful and ethically procured items, was featured in Berlin’s „Green Fashion Tours“. I was super excited to find a map of additional tour stops placed outside the store, and applaud the team behind the initiative to share the city’s Green Fashion with locals and tourists alike. In fact, it made me wonder why we don’t have a similar initiative in place over here on the other side of the Baltic. The wheels in my brain are turning…

After three days, it was time to wrap up our trip, Maria heading back to her hometown and me venturing back to Skåne. We’ll keep you posted on any and all news that comes about as a result of our travels, and invite you to take a look at some of our snap shots from the journey.

Happy back-to-school week and best wishes until next time!/Stef