Happy Birthday to our Children’s Clothing Brand: Pitupi Turns One!

One year ago we registered Pitupi here in Sweden and transformed our idea into a business. So much has happened since then, and so much happened before that moment in order for it to be possible; but throughout the many months, it has been the people in our network that have made the journey so amazing.

When I was first approached to join Pitupi, its creative potential and its social cause were the immediate draws and the initial reasons why I said yes without any hesitation. Those continue to be at the heart of why I, and my colleagues, run this business, but its the personal moments and the relationships that we have built that truly drive us and let us see things from a unique angle. Since registering, we have grown into a team of five in Albania, and recently welcomed our newest teammate down there, Jona. Anyone who has run a business or acted in a hiring position knows that there is a special kind of chemistry that should be present for things to click and we’ve been lucky to find that in our Albanian teammates.

In Sweden, we have grown to four, recently adding a spirited and inspiring new teammate, Jessica, who comes with a background in marketing, circular economy, and a passion for fair fashion and blogging. We continue to work closely with the partner organization in Albania that has helped us establish our fair trade workshop, and have begun planning future collaborations with partners from the last year (and longer), like Ute Friederike Schernau and Büro Paschetag.

In one year, we went through two accelerator programs in Lund, BarCamper and SoPact, received funding in Albania, developed a collection, acquired retailers, sold and delivered items to customers in 11 countries, and had the privilege of seeing smiles on the faces of hundreds of babies, kids, parents, and grandparents at fairs, markets, and through photographs. We even got the see the growth of our customers, and that is a truly wonderful feeling.


We’ve also carried out trainings in Albania, and conducted interviews and follow ups with our seamstresses to learn more about their development and the impact that their work is having on their lives and their families. Our hopes are high for the future when it comes to our impact in the region, and we look forward to all of the opportunities that the year ahead will bring.


We can reveal that today we have placed an order for new materials, which means new colors are around the corner. New cuts will also be unveiled. We also can’t say much just now about future changes to our business model, but can share that we’re researching ways to reduce Pitupi’s carbon footprint and incorporate a more circular approach. #highhopesfor2017

To all of you who have supported us this past year, thank you from each of us. You help us to fulfill our goal of reconnecting people to people through kidswear, and we look forward to providing you with high quality, responsible made clothing for years to come!

Best wishes from Lund,


Co-founder, Pitupi: People to People