It’s Friday, at long last! The weekend will soon be here and we are eager to spend a good chunk of it thanking all of you who have contributed, shared, and supported our Indiegogo campaign over the last few weeks. Just a few days remain to buy our organic children’s clothing items, as the campaign comes to a close on Monday night (September 20th).

We’ve received a few questions about our campaign goal and whether or not we will be able to keep the funds should we not reach that goal. Because we opted for „flexible funding“, we will indeed be able to keep all of the money that is so kindly contributed to our campaign. This means that every contribution counts, and that no one runs the risk of having to request a reimbursement after the campaign ends. It’s never fun -or polite- to talk about money, now is it? But we thought we’d just clarify any confusion there.

Another quick point we want to touch on is that all orders will be customized AFTER the campaign ends. So don’t worry about sending us your requests for size, print, or cut just yet. Stefanie will write you in the coming weeks to discuss custom orders and to give you more information on when your customized garments will arrive. As promised, all clothing will arrive in December, just in time for the holidays.

So here we are: just a few days to go. It feels a bit like the end of a race that you’ve given your whole body and heart into–we won’t slow down just yet. There are miles to go before the end! Continue to spread the word about our conscious clothing campaign, our customized kids clothes, and our commitment to promoting a better fashion industry.

And now, to wrap up this mini post, here’s a mini look at just one of the many outtakes we had while filming our video for Indiegogo. Six hours of filming does a number on people, as does trying to be heard over airplanes, church bells, jackhammers, and birds. Pardon our „French“, but most importantly, enjoy!