Innovation -and inspiration- is all around.

We’ve said it once before, and you’ll certainly hear us say it again: the Lund/Malmö area is a fantastic place to start and operate a business. With so many innovations coming from the Oresund region, it’s hard not to be inspired by the creativity constantly brewing in chic shared workspaces, and throughout incubators like Minc and MindPark. Even more exciting for us is the fact that many of these innovations offer unique benefits to our target customers: parents, grandparents, and friends-of-friends with little ones. I was recently tipped off to three such products and, well, what good would it do if I just kept that info to myself? Take a peek below to learn more about some cool products for kids that we’re feeling inspired by, all courtesy of clever minds in southern Sweden.

  1. Påhoj: For most parents, finding the perfect stroller can be a struggle. Safety, the origin of the materials used to make the product, and attractiveness are just three of the many concerns you may have as a mom or dad when selecting the right model for your little one. Påhoj has entered the stroller scene but not to add just another standard model to the competition; but rather to shake things up with their unique product that is in fact a stroller/seat that rests on top of your bicycle. It’s best to see the product to understand its innovativeness, but to paint a clearer picture, the product acts as a child’s seat when on the bike, then pops off securely to be used as a stroller. It’s the ideal add-on for a parent headed to daycare, grandma or grandpa’s house, or just about town.
  2. Thermoband: While the minds behind Påhoj do their magic out of Malmö, the team behind Thermoband, Everyday Solutions, work out of Ideon in Lund. Thermoband is a small band that can be placed on a baby bottle or a „sippy cup“ to indicate if the liquid inside (milk or formula, for example) is at a safe temperature for your child to consume. If the formula is too warm, the band will turn white; when it has cooled to a safer temperature, it will turn blue, pink, or green (depending on the band you’ve purchased), meaning it is okay to serve to your little boy or girl. The material has undergone strict testing and is certified to be free from harmful substances like bisphenol A (BPA).
  3. Sleepcarrier: Last but not least, the Sleepcarrier, also a product out of Ideon Science Park in Lund is making it easier for parents to put their baby to bed after a long day out. You can place the baby in the carrier, securely harness it around your chest and shoulders, then carry on with your daily activities, all-the-while keeping baby close and cozy. Once you arrive back home, the smart strap system allows you to free the carrier, place it into the bassinet, and release baby, without waking him or her. Brilliant, eller hur? Take a peek at their site to see how it works!

So there we have it-three products making life easier and more enjoyable for parents…and they’re all from this little corner of the world. We’re lucky to be surrounded by do-ers and changemakers that inspire us to think of ways to make our own products even better for the customer (you!). Those products are on their way to becoming a reality, which we’ll keep you updated on throughout this week both here and on social media. Cheers!



Photo credit: CuteBabyWallpapers, 2014