Keeping Busy!

You’ve likely heard us say once, twice, or maybe even a dozen times that transparency is one of our biggest priorities here at Pitupi. And it’s true- we love being able to tell you what we’re up to, who’s involved, and the steps we’re taking to inch closer and closer to production. This week was another busy one for the team and included some exciting meetings with consultants and potential contributors to the brand. One of these helpful faces was Rikard Axelsson, who oversees an exciting incubator in Helsingborg, Sweden, E-Commerce Park.

Stefanie discussed challenges and solutions related to running an e-commerce business with Rikard and learned a little more about the growth of this particular type of business within the region. One of the biggest takeaways she had from her meeting in Helsingborg was the importance of connecting with each of you, our customers and fans! We hope to share even more media, news, and updates in the coming weeks to make sure that you feel involved and inspired during this exciting phase of development.

Since hard work should be followed up by a little bit of leisure, our face in southern Sweden followed up her business meeting with a quick tour of the town. This included a stop into a Fair Trade Organisation-certified shop, Världsbutiken. Visitors to Helsingborg don’t want to miss some of the unique fair trade products the boutique carries from companies like Bombululu, which offers jewelry made by artisans living outside of Mombasa, Kenya.

So, what’s in store for the week ahead, or even the week after that? The list is long and growing! From selecting prints to plugging away on our upcoming crowdfunding campaign, we’re staying busy and enjoying every minute of it. Check back here for more updates soon.