Oh, we’re half way there.

Two weeks into the campaign and we’re still super excited about all of the feedback we’ve received, and so very grateful for all of the support that you -our crowd- have provided. Our film guru, Jann, and co-founder Maria are currently preparing a personal thank you message to show our gratitude, and we hope to share it with our contributors in the coming days. Check your Facebook walls, your Twitter accounts, and your email inboxes!

So now that we’ve passed the half-way point, it feels like the opportune time to talk about some of the less-buzzed-about perks still up for grabs. Of course our most popular items continue to be our garments (and we’re happy to see that!), but there are a couple more gems hiding between the clothing perks that we felt like highlighting in this week’s blog.

Be our guest

Allow me to humbly introduce one of those perks: a dinner invitation with us, the founders of Pitupi. We’ve already had one person claim this perk -shout out to Hartwig Eikmeier- whom we look forward to dining with this autumn. Our meal will be „mysig“ (cozy as can be), delicious, and feature a farm-to-table concept at a well known restaurant in Malmö, Sweden. Who’s the ideal candidate for this perk? Anyone! We’d love to spend time sharing our experience starting Pitupi with our guests, and learning more about your backgrounds, thoughts on slow fashion, and ideas on how we can grow as a social business.

Take the [color] wheel

We’re also offering quite a unique perk for a children’s clothing business of our size: the opportunity to design an exclusive print. It’s not necessary to have a particularly great eye for design to claim this perk, just a cool idea that you’ve always wanted to transform into a reality. The lucky guy or girl who claims this one-of-a-kind experience will work one-on-one with our designer, Anne Freitag, to create a theme, a color combination, and, eventually, a print that can be utilized throughout our collection. The print will of course be placed onto organic cotton, the only material we utilize in our baby clothes.

Leave a footprint in Albania

Lastly, we have two perks that transport the contributor from behind the computer screen straight to the heart of our clothing workshop in Albania. Our „super contributor“ perk offers a maximum of two persons to be featured on our website’s exclusive „Faces“ page, alongside myself, Stefanie, my co-founders, our marketing and IT teammates, and our  seamstresses.  He or she (or you!) will also have the opportunity to design one of the walls in our workshop, deciding how it will look, what artwork it should feature, and perhaps even choosing an inspiring quote to place across it. We’ll also call you to thank you personally for your support and keep you updated as things move along over the next year.

The second of these Albania-inspired perks is a must for the curious traveler, or even the business savvy Indiegogo browser out there who wants to learn more about the creation of a sustainable, fair trade factory in a region where these concepts aren’t super developed yet. This perk is a 4 day tour in Albania, which includes excursions in the capital, Tirana, outings to the beach and the mountains, and most importantly, visits to the Pitupi factory. You, as the buyer of this perk, will get to see the country where our garments are made, and meet the skilled and talented women who are responsible for each stitch.

If you’re ready to learn more about these perks, as well as our children’s clothing perks, then head over to Indiegogo now. There you’ll find all of the information you need on contribution costs, travel dates, and delivery methods. And don’t forget, we have less than two weeks to go! Stock up now on baby bloomers, dresses, hats, longsleeve T-shirts, and pyjamas today; and why not add a trip to a beautiful, undiscovered country while you’re at it? See you on Indiegogo!


Dhermi beach, a perfect example of the scenery you might take in when you grab our Trip to Albania perk.

Dhermi beach, a perfect example of the scenery you might take in when you grab our Trip to Albania perk.