On the Campaign Trail

What would you say if I told you there is a jacket out there that has built-in hand warming pockets, a built-in neck pillow, portable charger pockets, an eye mask, and a zipper that doubles as a pen? And what would you say if I shared with you that developers have created a 3mm strip wireless magnetic sensor that alerts you via a mobile device if something is not right in your home? If these innovative and exciting products piqued your interest, then it’s time to check out some of the coolest crowdfunding campaigns currently running right now. The two we described before are Baubax on Kickstarter and Sensative Strips on Indiegogo, just a couple of the many campaigns we’ve been inspired by in recent weeks.

For those who don’t know, crowdfunding is a process of fundraising online that calls on backers like you to give money, for which you typically receive some type of reward or perk in return. The team at Pitupi is really excited to be launching our own crowdfunding campaign in mid-August on the popular site Indiegogo and we’re currently brainstorming some worthwhile perks we think you’ll enjoy. Take a look below to better understand how the campaign will work:

Indiegogo 101

Like the infographic states, we’re here before and throughout the entire campaign to answer any questions you may have! You can help us spread the word by sharing the campaign via Facebook, Twitter, or even via email after it has launched. This is our first real chance to show you what the business is all about, from our history to our product, and we really hope that you’ll like what you see.

Until we launch, we encourage all of you to check out other exciting campaigns out there, such as the ones we mentioned earlier. Also catching our eye on Indiegogo are:

  • Arthesis, a Bulgarian company that creates unique and even customisable covers for prosthetic limbs.
  • Wheely’s from Sweden, which has taken the coffee world by storm by selling an unconventional cafe on wheels.
  • Solar Roadways from the US, whose video alone makes their campaign worth a peek. Their goal is to makeover America using solar roadways.
  • Who Gives a Crap, hailing from Melbourne, Australia, who create more environmentally-sound toilet paper and donate 50% of their proceeds to charities building toilets in the developing world.
  • Ruby Cup, from Berlin, Germany, who already finished their campaign and raised over $40,000 to provide girls in Kenya with menstrual cups, while also educating them on reproductive health.

So head out there and check out what’s happening on Indiegogo, and keep an eye out for our campaign, which will launch in mid-August. Cheers until next time.