Our take on the top 3 trends in e-commerce

Greetings from the sunny Southwest! Pitupi has gone westward to the United States, well, one of us at least: me! For the next couple weeks I will be checking out the slow fashion and slow food scenes here in Arizona, and taking a roadtrip to visit local businesses who have also joined the Fashion Revolution. Before departing I had the pleasure of representing Pitupi at the Nordic E-Commerce Summit in Malmö, which ran from the 4th to 5th of November.

From presentations by big names like Erin Brockovich and Peter Sunde to lesser-known media gurus like Greg Fass from MeUndies, and even one-on-one chats with logistics pros, the two days were jam-packed with awesome opportunities to learn more about running a customer-friendly e-commerce store. Without further ado, here is a look at the top 3 trends in e-commerce, including insights into what you can expect as a customer in the world of online retail:

1. Customer is still King (or Queen!)

These days, more than ever before, it is the customer that takes the reins. You dictate how a webshop should look, what it should contain, when items should be delivered, and how they should arrive, whether on your doorstep or at the post office. Such important features of an e-commerce shop are now in the control of the customer thanks to interactive platforms and forums, from Facebook to Twitter. At Pitupi, we’re always looking for your input on what is and isn’t working on our website, and were incredibly grateful for personal feedback following our Indiegogo campaign this past fall. Fortunately for you, the trend in most industries is for businesses big and small to listen to what the customer wants and to offer a more personalized solution. I’ve got a good feeling that that trend is here to stay!

2. Mobile-based buying will continue to boom

Are you reading this from your mobile phone? Perhaps you’re blog-browsing on your iPad or tablet? The chances are very good that you might answer „yes“ to one of those questions, as more and more browsing and shopping is done using mobile devices in Scandinavia and Germany. In response to this boom in mobile-based shopping, businesses like our kids clothing company are seeing to it that the user experience on a phone or tablet is simple and enjoyable. Because our organic garments can be customized, we will see to it that the customization process is as fool-proof as possible on a mobile device.

3. Online storytelling is crucial

Lastly, e-commerce has evolved so much in the last few years, but is truly going back to the basics, by focusing intensely on storytelling, honesty, and transparency. With more and more businesses switching to or adding an online platform, it’s crucial to keep customers informed about who you are and what you have to offer as a company. In fact, our number one trend should have read that both customer and content are king!

Storytelling is at the heart of our communications model, not because we want to gather „likes“ or boost future sales, but really, truly because we want to remove the wall between customer and producer. The story behind each t-shirt, dress, or babygrow should be known to each parent and each little one that sports the garment. Our name means „People to People“, and that is the storyline we’re so proud to share!

So what’s in the cards for the next couple weeks? Check back here and keep following us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest!