Pitupi Seamstresses in Focus: Meet Majlinda and Entela

There are few things we love sharing with our customers more than the names and the stories of the women behind our organic garments. Pre-order garments and pieces that have been produced for retail were all made by Pitupi seamstresses Majlinda and Entela. We’re constantly receiving questions about the two of them from customers and Pitupi fans alike, so we figured this week would be the perfect opportunity to blog about them. Without their hard work, Pitupi would just be an idea; but thanks to them, it’s a clothing company that can put people and quality first. Here’s a few things you may not know about our seamstresses.

Entela Pitupi profile

Entela, a Pitupi seamstressEntela has been with us since the early days of our tailoring training courses. She lives in the Neshat area of Blinisht, with her husband, his family, and their two children. After beginning the tailoring training course, she grew to learn more about Pitupi from co-founder Maria and says that she was drawn to the business‘ use of vibrant colors, and has expressed a lot of joy in making the organic dresses featured in our slow fashion clothing line. She used to create dresses for her own daughter, and originally learned how to do so by playing around on the machine her mother had in the home when Entela was growing up.

This is Entela’s first job and she is excited about the opportunities that it presents her with, such as meeting new people and getting out of the home during the day. Her dreams for her two children are that they can receive a good education and lead happy, prosperous lives. While it may be too soon for her daughter to have made up her mind for the future, her son dreams of becoming a computer science engineer.

Majlinda Pitupi profile

Like Entela, Majlinda is also a mother, having raised three children in Blinisht, the youngest being 15. She also shares the same dreams for their future as Entela, that they may be happy– and she sees her work with Pitupi as a way to support those dreams. She began sewing as a young girl and recalls staying up well into the night after finishing her homework to sew clothing for fun. She learned most of her skills herself, as well as through help from a course provided by the local mosque and lessons from her cousin.

Majlinda joined Pitupi after hearing about the tailoring training courses we were holding in Blinisht. She likes the business model itself but also the social and financial support that it will bring to both her and her family.

Ready to learn more about Majlinda and Entela, or to get an ever closer behind-the-scenes look at our fair trade production through their eyes?  Just send an email to tailordialogue[at]pitupi.de and mention the seamstress‘ name you’d like to contact. We’ll provide a translation of your message into Albanian and help her get back into contact with you in your native language!

You can still pre-order garments made by Majlinda and Entela via our pre-order form in the shop section of our site. Order before Sunday and get 15% off your total order!

From each of us at Pitupi Sweden and Pitupi Albania, enjoy the rest of your week!