Pitupi’s Sustainable Gift Guide for the Holidays

Advent is upon us, and Christmas and Hanukkah are lingering right around the corner, which means parents and grandparents are busy planning their gift guides for the season. We’re here to make that task just a little easier this year. Now is the perfect time to invest in gifts that give back, and gifts whose impact is positive instead of taxing on people or the planet. Take a peek below at both Stef and Maria’s top picks for gifts and places to find gifts this year!

Stefanie’s Picks

Sustainable fashion in Malmö

Living in or around Malmö? Then be sure to check out some of the small businesses featured in the sustainable style guide from Malmö city. Our retailer, Mühlow, is on the list, as is a good friend of ours, Green Stories. Other great stops for low-environmental impact gifts include Swop Shop and AB Småland. Take a look at the map below to learn more about the campaign, and do your own research to determine which stores check your boxes in terms of social and environmental sustainability.

Eco-friendly kids toys

What better gift is there for a child than a toy that 1) he or she enjoys playing with; 2) is free from harmful components? That’s a rhetorical question of course…it simply doesn’t get much better than that. Skåne-based architect and designer Nestor Campos has designed Iungo, a beautifully crafted natural wood toy that inspires creativity and imagination. This item is available both in Iungo’s webshop, as well as in person at Form Design Center in Malmö.

Another item on my list is a plush toy from Peppa, available from LittleEco.se. While there are a few varieties to choose from, my top pick is Felix the fox. Why? He’s cute, looks like he’s good for cuddles, and is made from organic fibers. I’ve also selected Oli and Carol’s bath toys, specifically the origami boats for my final toy pick (and not just because they remind me of the boats print we offer in our sustainable kids clothing collection). These toy boats are natural, colorful, and the brand sponsors children in northern India, getting them to and from school and paying for basic needs associated with their schooling. Win, win, I’d say.

Maria’s Picks

I am all into waste reduction these past months and I have started doing my own washing detergent, using cloth diapers for my little one and washing my hair with rye flour. All works so well and it is so easy! So my top pick for zero waste gifts can be found at Germany’s first packaging free supermarket Original Unverpackt. Since a couple of months they also have an online shop which is pretty handy when you do not live in Berlin. There you can get things you usually cannot buy unwrapped and plastic free like shampoo soap bars and bamboo toothbrushes!

So there you have it! Short but sweet. What would you add to our mini list? We genuinely believe that quality should always rule out over quantity. Think about the person receiving the gift you are buying, swapping, or making, and ask yourself if they will not only love it, but really use it. If the gifts they will love and utilize come from our web shop, then be sure to place your order this weekend at the latest to ensure shipping before Christmas! Due to travels and family time, we will not be delivering after the 10th, until the new year.

Happy Holidays from our people to your people!



Note: not a sponsored post.