Ready-to-Share Collection: Sweden’s Innovative Solution to Reduce Clothing Waste

A few weeks back, we shared with you a brief post on Sweden’s Sharewear program, which is a new pilot project under their Democreativity Initiative. Since then, the program has been buzzed about throughout social media, and praised by figures in the sustainable fashion industry as well as environmentalists at large. This morning, a Tweet about the project really caught my eye:

Screen Shot 2016-02-13 at 10.54.30 AM

They’ve begun to display the items that are available for borrowing, which range from simple blazers to basic denim, but also more unique garments like the one above. Each is created by a Swedish designer and maintains the very Scandinavian feel that the region has become known for worldwide.

So what’s the big deal with this campaign and why is it important? A study by Swedish Radio in 2014 showed that Swedes consume roughly 15 kilos of clothing per year…per person. An overwhelming 80% of those purchases end up in the garbage, waiting to be incinerated. Just 20% are recycled. Producing these clothes also comes at a major cost to the environment: it takes over 6,000 liters of water to produce the average pair of jeans and about 2,700 to produce a basic t-shirt. A 2015 study by Greepeace showed that Germany also wastes a considerable amount of clothing, with one in eight wearing a pair of shoes for less than a year before throwing them in the garbage.

Statistics like these are at the heart of our philosophy to buy quality products that will last. We utilize organic cotton that is GOTS-certified because we know that it places less harm on the environment in which it is produced. By offering reversible options in our children’s clothing through our customization process, we also promote the quality over quantity principle, while giving you a choice in how the garment looks. We’re always looking for ways to up the green footprint of Pitupi, and are open to suggestions from you, the customer, as well! After all, our name is short for People to People, and as the Sharewear program shows us, democratic initiatives can bring about major change.

To learn more about the Sharewear program, sustainable kids clothing initiatives, the GOTS-label, or other topics discussed above, leave me a message below. And check us out on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for more info. Happy weekeend!/Stef