Sustainable Clothing Brands We’re Watching: Episode 1

This week, we’re taking a cue from a fellow blogger that recently mentioned us in an article about her top picks for sustainable children’s clothing brands. The piece „Öko für die Kleinsten“ („Eco for the little ones“) in the blog All Days Are Green also showcased some big names from neighboring countries like Denmark’s classic Okker Gokker label.

Spreading the word about our own picks for favorite sustainable clothing, accessory, or design labels ins’t just a way to get you to see what inspires us, but it’s also a way to promote a better means of production worldwide. Everyday as we browse through newsletters, blogs, and even Instagram, we’re really excited about the creative and innovative businesses out there that are not just dropping buzz words like „organic“, „eco-friendly“, and „green“, but who are actually delivering on their promises. With so many cool companies out there to choose from, the task of showcasing our favorites is a tall one; so let’s just call this round one.

Without further ado, here’s a few words on a few brands that are transforming the fashion industry, as well as several marketplaces that are showcasing such brands:

Maria’s Picks

  • Jyoti Fairworks: At Jyoti, the people behind the product are the priority. They accomplish their goal of empowering women in India by training them to sew, giving them a fair wage, and offering them a secure job. Their items are lively, colorful, and can even be tailor-made to fit your unique request. They specialize in women’s clothing, accessories, toys, and housewares.
  • Kancha: Transparency is the name of the game for Kancha, who produce fair trade laptop sleeves, phone sleeves, wallets, and other accessories from wool and other materials they procure ethically. You can even watch a video on their site that showcases the journey their wool takes from Kyrgyzstan to Germany.
  • Studio LileSADI: LileSADI is the brainchild of two German sisters, Dinah and Sarah Smutny, who have an eye for graphic design, and an appreciation for originality and minimalism. They even launched a children’s clothing line for their Rotterdam-based studio, called LileSADI petite, which offers clothing made from organic cotton, as well as a unisex theme throughout that makes clothes versatile and enjoyable for any child in the family.

Stef’s Picks

  •  Lalesso: Their clothes are fun to look at and their principles are right on. Lalesso produces sustainably out of both Kenya and South Africa, with the latter being the country of origin for founders Alice Heusser and Olivia Kennaway. The duo’s goal when starting out was to create a business that would provide training, employment, and economic security for men and women in Kenya. They also influenced the opening of another sustainable brand in the region, SOKO, which is also worth a peek!
  • FedByThreads: This Tucson, Arizona (USA) store is behind one of our favorite Instagram accounts, which often features body positive images of women in organic garments we’d love to own ourselves. For each garment sold, the founders, Alok and Jade, also donate 12 emergency meals to hungry Americans through the NGO Feeding America. Our resident University of Arizona grad tips her hat to these two.
  • Jewel and Lotus: A must-visit marketplace for artisans around the world, who produce sustainably, fairly, and with quality materials. Their products range from loungewear and lingerie to hand-carved wooden pendants, and you get to meet each producer virtually through the website.
  • Nordic Design Collective: Nordic Design Collective features local artists who produce everything from housewares to jewelry to clothing, like design duo Jollygoodfellow who produce organic children’s garments like T-shirts and baby bodies. We also feel inspired by NDC’s mantra and their desire to put people before profit.

So there you have it, 7 great brands and marketplaces for you to click through today, this weekend, or whenever you could use a boost of inspiration. Check back here for posts in the future on other fashion changemakers we’re keeping an eye on!