Tack ska DU ha! Summing up our Indiegogo Campaign

We’ve had a week to breathe since our Indiegogo campaign ended, as well as a week to think about all of the kind acts that we were on the receiving end of over the course of a month. For those who contributed and will receive clothing perks in return, we hope that you’re excited to get your one-of-a-kind dresses, shirts, pants, and pyjamas! As mentioned previously, you can expect those to arrive around early December.

Many people are wondering how we will move forward now that we didn’t reach our goal. Just as many have asked how not reaching the goal might affect our capacity to produce garments, or to deliver them on time to contributors. Putting transparency at the forefront of our list of values as a company, we know we must stay true to our initial promises. Whatever was promised to you through Indiegogo, will certainly be fulfilled. We’ve come to learn that running a business means going with the flow, being flexible, and reaching for plan B, C…maybe even D when A juuuust doesn’t seem to be within reach anymore. As we re-strategize, we’ll keep you posted on any significant changes we might implement to make the business better for us and for you as a customer.

So what have we learned from running a crowdfunding campaign? Oj, ganska mycket! Lots and lots. To begin with, we would tell anyone else contemplating running a fashion crowdfunding campaign that timing is crucial, contacting strangers is not always easy, and that your emotions may take on a rollercoaster-like pattern from time to time. Some days brought on feelings of exhiliration and excitement, while others left us with that, „how are there only 24 hours in a day?“-feeling. We also learned that simplicity is key in order to get the sustainable business concept and product range across clearly to our busy customers. We thank all of you out there who shared comments that the customization wasn’t clear, or that you quite simply wanted to see more photos of our organic clothing styles.

We also established great connections during the campaign, especially with bloggers and journalists based in the US, Germany, and here in Sweden. A big thanks to them for their features and for spreading the word through their social media accounts. A huuuuge thank you as well to Jann Van Husen who filmed and produced the crowdfunding videos we’ve been able to share with you since August.

Speaking of videos, and continuing with this thank-you-theme, here is one final video we would like to share to show our gratitude for all of the support during our Indiegogo campaign. Stay tuned here and on our website for more newsworthy updates about our fair trade children’s line, as well as the occasional fun word or two from our team. Cheers till next time!