Top tips for parents this Halloween

Happy Halloween! Okay, okay…the day is still 1.5 weeks away but for a certain American behind our business (it’s me), the day can’t get here fast enough. While this holiday long remained a celebration that was mostly exclusive to North America, it’s certainly found its place here in Europe, and doesn’t show signs of disappearing anytime soon. Since there is still time to put together a clever costume for your kids, we thought we’d dedicate this post to the topic. Best of all, we’ve come up with a few ways that you can make the costume without raising your carbon footprint –or putting a big dent in your bank account. Here are our top tips for preparing for Halloween 2015:

Use what you already have

It doesn’t have to be a tall task to dress your child for a Halloween party or a night in with his or her friends. Start by taking a look around the house for what you already have. Staple items like black leggings or trousers and a black tshirt are the perfect base for a number of costumes, from a spider to a black cat. Cardboard boxes can be easily manipulated and painted to transform into creative costumes like a Lego, a robot, or a race car. The sky is the limit when you think outside of the box! (No pun intended.)

Get the whole family involved

If you’re getting together with friends for the holiday, or attending a party, why not create a costume theme for the whole family? Creative parents are raising the bar to a whole ’nother level lately when it comes to family costumes, transforming their bunch into the cast of David Bowie’s cult classic, The Labyrinth, or a clan of pirates. Dressing up with your kids will no doubt put a smile on their faces and will certainly make for great photos they can enjoy in the future.

Browse through your favorite second-hand boutique

A great resource for costumes and accessories -besides your own wardrobe-is a local thrift shop or second-hand boutique. Those of you reading this from the Oresund region might want to browse through the SWOPshop, an eco-friendly business in Malmö that was recently rewarded for their brilliant concept and great finds. Buying second-hand is an awesome way to bring new life into an already-produced garment and you really never know what treasures you might find while shopping.

Listen to your little one

Last but not least, don’t forget to listen to the opinions and wishes of your child. As producers of children’s clothing, we know that a kid’s opinion is golden. We rely on little ones for input on fit, colors, and comfort level. Before you head to a store or browse your closet for ideas, ask your kids what would make them smile this year. And if he or she requests something truly extravagent, don’t forget that when it comes to DIY-projects, it’s the thought that counts.

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