‚Twas the night before our Indiegogo launch

Meet our team, crowdfunding campaign

From southern Sweden and northern Germany all the way down to Albania, Pitupi worker bees have been buzzing around tirelessly for the last few months to bring you a fun, insightful, and engaging crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo. We couldn’t have anticipated at the beginning of this chapter that the process of launching a crowdfunding campaign could be so tiring, or that so many small details would need to be accounted for. From opting for voiceovers instead of subtitles in our pitch video to creating promotional materials, there were so many tasks to add to the to-do list; and ultimately, to slowly check off that list!

Nonetheless, all these weeks later we’ve managed to keep our hygiene up, to feed our children -and ourselves- regularly, and to keep track of all of the non-campaign-related issues we’re responsible for at Pitupi.

It’s not just our hope that you like the look and feel of the campaign, but also that it provides you with an opportunity to learn more about our brand, our products, and our team. You’ll be able to match faces to names and to hear from the co-founders in their own voices in our pitch video; you’ll also be able to hear from two of our seamstresses who say a few words on what working for Pitupi means to them.

So I’ll leave you here with 1. an apology for putting Europe’s Final Countdown into your head [for the next 4 days, at least]; 2. an invitation to check out the campaign as it launches tomorrow. We’ll be updating it as time goes on, but do note that the whole thing will only run for 30 days. If you see a perk you like, grab it as time and supply are limited. Thanks in advance for all of your support so far and for your future contributions on Indiegogo! Together we can take fashion to a better place and raise the bar when it comes to garment production.

Here it is, the link to our Indiegogo campaign which will be activated tomorrow afternoon: http://igg.me/at/Pitupi