What’s in fashion? Our takeaways from this summer’s kidswear markets

We just returned from Hamburg where we premiered our slow fashion kids brand at Kindermoden Nord. This was our second trade fair, following our presence at Playtime Berlin, and it’s safe to say that we’ve learned a lot from both experiences and gained some new perspective on the children’s clothing industry.

The future of kidswear

According to estimates, the children’s wear market could reach over $320 billion USD by 2024–which makes you wonder, just how will that market grow? Will it be business as usual or will customers demand that brands innovate by using new materials and processes that promote a cleaner and safer everyday for their children?

Research of current trends within the industry observe that the market will be shaped in part by:

  • Durable, Organic Kid’s Clothing [Finding] a Growing Space
  • Gender Neutral Clothing
  • Ethical Production [Revealing] a Marked Change in Consumerism

We can get on board with that.

From Pitupi’s vantage point

Our own observations over the last 6 weeks were that more and more brands are indeed embracing the use of organic materials. Exhibitors at Playtime who had an organic line were distinguishable to guests by the green colored dot featured on their signage (a large, festive balloon). Those who used both organic materials and fair trade practices were given two green dots. The latter category was smaller, with a handful of brands sporting that two-dot balloon. It was more common for us to receive questions about our organic materials than our transparent production model.

All hail the cool, ethical brands out there

One of the brands we enjoyed meeting in Berlin (and another team with that lovely second dot) was Mia & Mika. They produce moccasins in their family-owned workshop in Slovenia. Each shoe is made from vegetable tanned, organic leather, with craftsmanship at the forefront. It’s these brands that make us do a little happy dance, and we’re happy to say that they appear to be growing.

We could talk for days about our experiences in Germany this summer, but instead we’ll just thank each of the designers, brands, buyers, retailers, agents, and press that we met in Berlin and Hamburg–and leave you with some pics!

Happy Sunday from the gang,