What’s on in Skåne

The weekend is coming to an end, and we’re looking forward to a busy week ahead in each of our respective locations, from Albania all the way up to southern Sweden. If your headquarters are also around the Lund/Malmö area, then you’re in luck! The powers that be (museum curators and hip boutique owners, to be specific) have packed the calendar with some worthwhile events we’re looking forward to. We’re not keen on keeping secrets, so take a peek at the info below to learn more about some of the best happenings for the weeks ahead:

Swedish Dads-Malmö Museer, January 23rd

Photographer Johan Bävman’s documentation of „pappaledighet“ or paternity leave in Sweden, went viral last year after being featured on the popular American website „Buzzfeed“. Publicity led to features in Vogue and interviews by big name media giants like the BBC, and now Bävman is showing the series to the Swedish public, starting in Malmö. You can see one of his brilliant shots above.

Paid family leave and paternity/maternity leave for both parents is a strong point of pride for most Swedes, and certainly reflects a parenting culture we stand behind.

Klädbytardag och Kreativ SyverkstadAbSmåland (Malmö), January 21st

If you haven’t mastered the Swedish language just yet, then think of the event instead as „Clothing swap day and Sewing workshop“, hosted by the super cool AbSmåland cafe and concept store in Malmö. It goes without saying that we love seeing clothing swaps around town, and are particularly intrigued by this one, since it also offers guests the option to gift leftover garments to a local non-governmental organization.

So what are you waiting for? Take a look in your closet, grab all your undesirables, and trade them in for some new (to you) treasures! While the swap is free, the sewing workshop costs 100kr. Head over to their Facebook page to learn more, and keep in mind that the last day for registration is the 19th.

Finloppis-Malmö Live, February 13

Another used-clothing event to add to your calendar is this spring’s Finloppis, a flea market for those with a particular taste for slow fashion that’s also high fashion. You can buy and even sell gently-used designer duds at the Finloppis. All FAQ’s are easily answered via the host’s website, RagstoRiches.se.

That’s a wrap for this Sunday. Got any tips for the slow fashion shopper, or museum-goer living in your area? Be sure to contact me at [email protected] or leave a line below.