Wrapping up a week of networking and brainstorming

Ideon's Agora building

It’s been a busy week for the team at Pitupi, one that’s been complemented by fantastic weather and some great meetings with helpful and knowledgeable professionals in southern Sweden. One of the perks of having two of our team members based in Lund is that the city is located at the heart of one of Sweden’s most innovative regions. Experts in nearly every aspect of business development are just a stone’s throw away. Stavri and Stefanie had the pleasure of meeting with one such expert just a few short days ago, Lars Mattiason, who works as Project Coordinator at The Creative Plot, an incubator situated at Lund’s Ideon Science Park, commonly referred to simply as “Ideon”.

Ideon is Scandinavia’s largest innovation center, and is home to nearly 350 companies of all sizes and types, including social business startups like Pitupi. Each company sits either alone in its own business space, or in one of Ideon’s many incubators, such as The Creative Plot. As it’s name suggests, this particular incubator assists entrepreneurs who work in creative industries, like wearable technology and stagecraft design. As soon as one walks into the incubator, it’s easy to feel the creativity and positivity in the air.

Our goals for the meeting with Lars were plenty, and included learning more about business opportunities at Ideon, better developing our brand and product identity, and identifying our most pressing challenges. We were grateful to have the opportunity to chat with him, and are really looking forward to meeting him again in the future, as well as other creative and helpful minds here in Sweden, and in Germany and Albania.

We also spent a large part of the week discussing textile patterns with Anne who does our designs and are proud to say we’re on the right track towards creating some fun designs that will appeal to both children and their parents. Be sure to keep checking in on us at Pitupi.de for even more updates on this topic and others as we inch closer and closer to production.