You Spoke, We Listened.

Another week behind us, and what a week it has been! We are so incredibly grateful for all of the kind words that people have had to offer about our Indiegogo campaign as well as the financial contributions that we have received so far. It’s also been great to see the warm response on social media to our posts sharing the faces and stories of our seven Albanian seamstresses. If you haven’t yet heard about their hopes for Pitupi and their dreams for the future, then be sure to watch our crowdfunding video on Indiegogo or on our homepage.

We have also received lots of helpful feedback about the campaign, the product, and the business concept. One topic that seems to still be a bit confusing is the customization process for our clothing. How does one choose a print? When does one choose this print? WHERE ARE THE PRINTS? Other questions concerned the sizing of the garments, the choice to not include Swedish as a language option for the video, and the user-friendliness of the Indiegogo platform itself.
While we can’t control the choices that Indiegogo makes when it comes to mobile display or the positioning of perks, we can clear the air on a few matters that we DO have control over. To begin, take note that several prints that have been shown on the prototypes in campaign photos will not be available for purchase, such as the sweet duck print and the tractor print featured in our kids dungarees. Why? Well, the truth is that those are not designed by us. We decided to go with prints that we make ourselves to further define our brand and our mission. When we know who is printing our materials, we can be more conscious of how they are produced.So where are our Pitupi prints??? Great question. You can find them now on the campaign under „The Clothes“, as well as in the „Gallery“, whose link is featured at the top of the campaign page. They are also available to view on our homepage.

Now, as far as language goes, hej allihopa! We vow to soon offer a Swedish version of the website and thank you for your patience with this matter. We’ve had a few hiccups with the mobile version of the site going from English to German with no reasonable explanation as well…the wonders of technology. Thanks again for alerting us to small issues like this, as they make a big impact on accessibility and it’s one of our top priorities to make sure you can get all the information that you need about Pitupi, when you need it, and in a language you understand!

That’s a wrap for today. We will soon write a short blog to explain some more concerns you’ve shared with us, namely the customization process. Should be clear as crystal in time. Keep in mind that our campaign will only run another 3 weeks, so now is crunch time! Reach out to friends, family, and anyone who might enjoy Pitupi and help us spread the word about transparency in fashion. Thanks again for all of your support thus far.