The Product

Children’s clothing does not only have a functional role, but compels the senses: it is seen, felt, touched – and often enough, tasted.

That’s why it’s essential that it’s free from harmful components, and is soft on your child’s skin.

GOTS-certified, Organic Materials

We use organic fabrics that are certified under the globally recognized GOTS programme. The certification criteria prohibit the use of aggressive dyes, bleaches or similar additives. This ensures that no harmful substance touches your children’s skin or the environment.

While we are not yet certified ourselves, it is a primary goal to become GOTS-certified in Albania in the coming years. In doing so, we will be the first GOTS-certified company in the country.

Gender-Neutral Prints and Designs

We never categorize our clothing according to gender; it’s up to you and your child to determine what Pitupi garment will bring a smile to their face. We design with children in mind, from the cuts to the colors and prints, and it’s our hope that these small garments we create give kids the freedom to just be themselves.

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