Fair Trade Month: How to Participate

Did you know that October is Fair Trade month? Well, in the United States at least. But why not bring the celebration here, to our side of the Atlantic? There are plenty of reasons to celebrate the fair trade movement during October, as well as plenty of ways for you to get involved over the next 25 days. And since research shows it takes about 30 days for a new habit to stick, you just might carry your Fair Trade month lessons and practices into November, December and beyond.

How to participate in this year’s Fair Trade month:

  1. Buy goods that feature a fair trade lable or certification.

When it comes to purchasing items like coffee, bananas, and sugar, look for fair trade certified options. This certification ensures that the conditions in which each item was cultivated and manufactured were safe and fair for every person involved–especially those at the heart of the production process, farmers and craftsmen.

      2. Learn about the benefits of fair trade, as well as the steps that businesses are taking to make the movement even better.

You can easily learn more about how fair trade businesses benefit individuals, communities, and the world at large by checking out some of our favorite blogs and businesses, like Krochet Kids, Jimani Collections, and, of course Fashion Revolution. We will also be here to keep you up to date on fair trade news and happenings, both on the blog as well as on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

      3. Speak one-on-one with the faces behind the labels and certifications.

Thanks to social media, it’s now easier than ever to become engaged and to get into contact with those advocating for fair trade, like farmers, NGO’s, small businesses, and Fairtrade International. In fact, you can join a Twitterchat on the 13th of October with Fairtrade America’s reps, where you can ask questions about the effectiveness of labeling, inquire about its limitations, and learn a bit more about fair trade in your own country.

So there you have it, three easy ways to celebrate Fair Trade month. We can of course offer a fourth suggestion, which would be to shop Pitupi! While we’re not yet Fair Trade certified, we use only organic, GOTS-certified fabrics, which are guaranteed to be made under fair and safe working conditions. Furthermore, we always give you a peek into what’s going on in our workshop, maintaining a transparent production model.

The official opening of our webshop is in sight, but we will certainly keep you posted once we have an official date. Until then, take a look around and explore our clothing for baby and kids, from trousers to dresses and everything between.

Cheers until next week, and happy #Fairtrademonth!